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Training Terms and Conditions

Training Course Terms and Conditions

Training courses and services offered by Izumi Products UK Limited (“Izumi”) are provided on the following terms and conditions: -

Onsite Training

The Training Services shall be provided by Izumi. Should the Buyer use any equipment of its own Izumi will not be responsible for any resulting loss or damage. (Please note the instructor may request the inspection information and certificates of conformity for this kit. If this cannot be produced the instructor may not continue with the course and this shall be deemed a cancellation).


  • Payment of pro forma invoices must be made in full in cleared funds before the commencement of the course
  • Certification shall only be issued on receipt of full payment for the course and any additional charges in relation to the course.
  • All certification shall be sent to the invoice address given on the booking form or Purchase Order or can be handed straight to the trainee(s) on successful completion of the course. The latter must be requested in writing before commencement of the course.   


  • It is the responsibility of the client to book their own accommodation if an overnight stay is required.


  • In the event, of course, postponement/cancellation  the  fees  are strictly as follows:
    • More than 14 days 0% of total course cost chargeable;
    • Between  4 and 14 days 50% course cost chargeable;
    • within 3 days 100% course cost chargeable.
  • All cancellations must be in writing.  Non-attendance on the day shall be chargeable for the full rate. 
  • Non-completion of courses shall be chargeable at the full rate.
  • To avoid the cancellation cost Izumi may be able to transfer candidates to other courses (This is at Izumi’s discretion).
  • A £40.00 administration charge per place/course will be applied when transferring candidates to alternative dates or courses.
  • If, for reasons beyond its control, Izumi cancels a course without notice, Izumi will not be held liable for any costs incurred by the customer as a result of such cancellations.
  • Should it become necessary for Izumi to postpone any part of a course, due to circumstances beyond their control, then a mutually agreeable date will be chosen on which to complete the course.  Izumi will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer for such actions.

Course Dates & Delivery

  • All scheduled courses are subject to availability.  A completed and returned booking form shall be taken as confirmation of booking and conclusive proof of acceptance of Izumi’s Terms and Conditions.
  • Until a signed booking form is received all dates are offered on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
  • Any provisionally booked dates shall be held until 14 days before the date the course is due to commence.   If a booking form and purchase order is not received by this date then the course date may be offered to other candidates.
  • All  courses  shall  be delivered in  the English  language.   It is  the responsibility of the person signing the booking form to ensure that all candidates have a suitable and sufficient understanding of English.
  • Izumi will make available for use by the trainee(s) such training materials, locations, equipment and protective clothing as agreed or appropriate to achieve the training objectives. All standard equipment will be supplied by Izumi free of charge - any additional specialist equipment will be supplied by the customer.
  • At all times course participants remain the employees of the customer.
  • Any information relevant to the course (safe systems of work, method statements etc.)  will be supplied free of charge by Izumi.


  • All candidates must be a minimum of 18 years old for the course.

Medical Requirements

  • Candidates should  be  free  of  medical  conditions  which  are contradictions for this type of work, including: 
    • Heart disease/chest pain
    • Raised blood pressure Epilepsy, fits, blackouts Fear of heights/vertigo
    • Difficulties with balance
    • Impaired limb function 
    • Alcohol or drug dependence 
    • Psychiatric illness/counselling 
    • Diabetes
    • Asthma or impairment of breathing
    • Claustrophobia
    • Skin problems
    • Eyesight problems not corrected by glasses or contact lenses
    • Regular medication impairing attention or consciousness
    • Fear of heights
  • If a candidate suffers from any of the above mentioned medical conditions they will not be allowed to climb unless a Doctor’s note is provided stating the candidate’s fitness to climb.
  • Candidates who weigh over 136kg are prohibited from participating in practical elements of courses.
  • The  Company reserves the right to weigh candidates before allowing participation in the practical elements of courses.
  • Failure to notify the Company that a candidate weighs over 136kg will result in the candidate being prohibited from completing the course and 100% of the course cost will be charged.
  • Candidates should be physically able to perform the task expected in terms of strength, agility and co-ordination. They should also be able to withstand the stress of the working environment such as heat, cold and inclement weather.
  • All candidates shall be required to sign to self-certify that they are medically fit and know of no reasons as to why they cannot participate in practical elements of any of the courses.
  • It is recommended that all personnel employed to climb,  use rope access techniques or enter confined spaces should be medically fit to perform the work they are likely to undertake, and that a suitable medical should be carried out to confirm this.
  • The Company reserves the right to exclude a candidate on the grounds of weight/health/fitness, or general unsafe attitude towards health and safety.


  • All successful candidates will be issued with a certificate, which is valid for 3 years. Izumi reserves the right to fail any candidate deemed unsuitable for working in at height and will provide a written report on all unsuccessful candidates. Izumi will not release any information in relation to candidates who fail on medical grounds.  It will be the candidate’s responsibility to inform his/her employer of any medical conditions that prevent them from working at height.
  • Certificates for successful candidates will not be released until the course is paid for in full.
  • Candidates wishing to take certificates with them must inform their instructor on the first day and will need to ensure that they have written approval on a company letterhead from their employer.

Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”)

  • Candidates must wear the appropriate PPE when before entering the training area and during the practical training. 
  • Candidates are personally responsible for ensuring that they are wearing the correct PPE.
  • Candidates are personally responsible for ensuring that the PPE they wear is in good condition, correctly fitted and fastened and fit for purpose.


  • These terms and conditions will form the basis of all contracts with Izumi Products UK Ltd, unless otherwise specified in writing by Izumi Products UK Ltd.