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Why Choose Us

  • Our brand-new training facility was installed in 2019. The electrical pylon enables training attendees to gain practical experience in climbing competence and tower rescue. Real-life scenarios and techniques are directed by an expert trainer in a safe environment.
  • Safety is our priority. Every course provides training attendees with the knowledge to enable them work in compliance with health and safety legislation.
  • Training is provided in two parts. The first is classroom-based with a focus on safety regulations, technique and procedure. Correct fitting of PPE such as fall-arrest harnesses is covered in relevant courses. The second is hands-on practical training. For example, tower rescue involves safely lowering a casualty from height to ground.
  • Courses are provided by an expert trainer who carries out constant monitoring throughout each course.
  • Our courses are CPD certified.(A selection of courses is also NPORS certified.
  • We offer competitive pricing and group discounts.
  • One-on-one training is available.
  • Last-minute training can be arranged, subject to availability.
  • Attendees are provided with certificates to mark their training on the day of completion.